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Crossfit is constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.


The instant you walk through our doors of our crossfit gym (we call it a box) you will see we are different. No mirrors. No treadmills. No headphones. And definitely no muscle heads asking you how much you bench. We strip away all of the distractions and we focus on the basics: A great coach, crossfit workouts that keep getting results, and an unbelievable community to support you through your journey. We work together, we sweat together, and we celebrate the victories together. Come join us and experience RushRX.
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Tuesday 7.26.16

CrossFit Mesa – CrossFit

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Bench Press (4 x 6-8 maintain )

DB/ KB 3 Point Row (3 sets/ side x 8-10 maintain )

Bent over, using opposite hand for support, row elbow back.

Metcon (Time)



Wall Ball 20,12#

Box Jump 30, 24in


Metcon (Time)



Wall Ball 14, <12#
Box Jump 24, 20in

Hanging Knee Raise

Metcon (Time)



Wall Ball <10#
Box Jump <20in (Box/Plates)

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